Irrigation Controllers

The Convenience of Wifi &
The Ease of Automation

Irrigation controllers range from the simple to the complex. These days, we are seeing some of the most sophisticated smart controllers available for residential use, which puts an unprecedented amount of control in the hands of the consumer.

Smart controllers allow homeowners to:

  • Control frequency
  • Set weather delays (rain & freeze)
  • Operate remotely (via phone or tablet)
  • Sense soil moisture
  • Program for plant type & environment

Most controllers involve a short set-up and, when completed, can be left to operate your system efficiently. During a change of season, mainly summer and winter, a slight adjustment to the programming may be required.

Smart controllers are the ultimate "set it and forget it" solution in the present day. This technology is fully customizable, adaptive to environmental changes, and operational from mobile devices.

At Advantage Irrigation, we program controllers to keep root systems strong while running at maximum efficiency. Irrigation controllers can cut down water use by up to 50% if used appropriately.

Our dedicated service technicians will audit the unique elements of your property - including slope, shade, plant life, and more - to find you the most suitable product and program. Ask us about our selection of irrigation controllers today! Based out of Medway, MA, we also serve Medfield, Brookline, and beyond.

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