Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repairs &
Regular System Checks

Irrigation systems are complex arrays of moving and static components. From electrical disruptions to tree roots, lawn mowers to poor fittings from your old company - problems can arise.

Some of the most common sprinkler system problems include:

  • Leaky heads
  • Weeping valves
  • Restricted pipes
  • System not turning on
  • Controller malfunction

Sprinkler repair services can be scheduled directly, but many times the cause is not immediately obvious. This is where our robust, thorough system check comes in.

Our zone-by-zone audit begins with a survey of the property to check each individual sprinkler head for rotation, signs of leakage, proper nozzle application, and much more. Adjustments to spray patterns and radius are also taken care of during this step.

After all zones have been checked, our recommendations are discussed in detail. Advantage Irrigation always implements repairs and adjustments with the goal of conserving water and saving the most money for our customers.

Finally, the rain sensor is checked both for functionality and proper placement. Great advances have been made with rain sensors, including those with wifi irrigation controllers, but it is still important to place this technology in the optimal location.

Whether it's a direct repair service call or a scheduled quality check, you can trust Advantage Irrigation to keep your sprinkler system running effectively and efficiently. Based out of Medway, MA, we also serve Medfield, Brookline, and beyond!

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